Forbes lists this year’s top-earning comedians

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Forbes, the magazine devoted to counting other people's money, released another list of this year's top earners. Is Oprah the top earner? Is it Oprah? OPRAH?

No, she doesn't make the cut because Forbes listed the top-earning working comedians of the year and –surprise!– they're all of our favorite people:

1. Jeff Dunham
2. Dane Cook
3. Terry Fator
4. Chelsea Handler
5. George Lopez
6. Larry the Cable Guy
7. Russell Peters
8. Tie: Jeff Foxworthy and Howie Mandel
10. Bill Engvall

I had no knowledge of who Terry Fator was before reading this list, and generally refuse to acknowledge the existence of a shaved-head Howie Mandel. It's also worth noting that these comics make the bulk of their income on the road, performing individual stand-up sets for a larger price-tag than it would take to get Joe Biden to come to your college (I imagine).

Everyone: please ask your extended families in the Midwest to stop seeing these people. I'd like to see a good name next year.