Watch: Jim Henson teaches DIY puppetry in amazing vintage video

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Muppets Creator Jim Henson with a beard

Here's a video that will bring out the kid in anyone. In 1969, Jim Henson wasn't exactly a nobody, but he definitely wasn't yet known for Sesame Street or his muppets — though he had already coined the phrase. He was still struggling, which is why we're seeing him in this video teaching children how to make puppets with household items on Iowa Public Television.

There's a special appearance by Rowlf the Dog, which is a treat, and Henson's voice is already in Kermit mode. By the end of the video, it's a puppet party. It's totally cute and cuddly, which makes one wonder if his stint on Public Television is what sent him over the edge and he needed to make "The Land of Gorch" for SNL to gain back some edge.