Donations for Restoring Truthiness, Reddit-inspired Colbert rally, break record

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Stephen Colbert to hold Restoring Truthiness Rally

A week or so ago, Glenn Beck held a giant (or perhaps not-so-giant, if you don't ask Fox News) rally on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "Dream" speech, and made us miss the days when he was just a less-chubby saner version of Rush Limbaugh, with no TV show.

The internet, however, didn't stay quiet. A Reddit user posted a request to Stephen Colbert, asking him to hold a counter-rally, on October 10, called "Restoring Truthiness." And now, Colbert himself has responded, with a post on Reddit, a friendly hello to all the internet trolls, packed with references to memes.

The best part of this already hilarious idea, is that without an official announcement of whether or not "Restoring Truthiness" will even occur, the Reddit site has already raised over $100,000 for charity. That's right. Charity! The money is being donated to educational charities through the site, an organization of which Colbert is a member.

So, unlike Beck's rally or his 9/11 speaking engagement, which took media coverage to get him and Palin to donate the money raised from that tastelessness. Colbert (and hopefully Jon Stewart, too) will hopefully take some wind out the Tea Party's sails, which is a good cause in and of itself.