Google Music details leak online, shouldn’t worry Apple too much

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Google Music

Does anyone out there actually plan to subscribe to Google Music? Assuming the answer is "very few of you," let's look at these rumors of the long-promised mp3 service with the snark and disdain many of you have had for anything trying to take on iTunes in the past.

It's out this fall and, according to Gizmodo, goes something like this:

$25 per year to store songs in the cloud…

…purchases—at prevailing industry rates—could be transferred directly to your cloud-based account

…Google scanning your hard drive for tracks you already own and storing them online…

…listen to a song all the way through once, with 30-second samples available after…

…listen to your music from any internet-connected device. [Gizmodo]

Basically, it sounds like you'll have to pay Google $25 for the privilege of listening to music you have at home (legal or otherwise, we're guessing) — why would we need that? For our work computers? Seriously, people, just offload your music to an external drive, bring it work one day, and unleash it. Is that legal? Probably not.

Anyway, none of that really matters because Google won't be able to get any of these concessions from stingy record company morns. Those twerps are trying to prevent people from streaming music from a centralized location like Google because they still think the CD is going to make a comeback and they'll continue making billions off of Top 40 awfulness.

None of these plans are going to work, methinks.