The Jonas Brothers will improve our internet, says AOL

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The Jonas Bros. are doing more these days than not being Justin Bieber. In the words of AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, "We want them to help us redesign the Internet." Armstrong is referring, of course, to the Brothers' newly-launched video channel Cambio, which from the looks of it are videos culled from the minds of several focus-grouped teenage girls.

Armstrong goes on to explain that "Web pages haven't looked any different in 15 years!…If you dropped down to planet Earth for the first time today and saw how pervasive the Web was, you'd expect it to be the most beautiful and elegantly designed experience in the world. But it's not."

Web design: get on it. It's abhorrent that in the past fifteen years, my computer screen is still is still just a shower of indecipherable ones and zeros that only web dregs and internet hackers can understand. It should be someone's job to design web sites. We could call them "designers" or "developers," and this position could be one out of five occupations advertised on every job board. They can be the men and women behind a more user-friendly, better-looking internet. And the Jonas Brothers can make this happen.