Links: “Tea Party Express,” a new amazing news animation

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The Tea Party Express

Every time I see one of these, I am reminded of how amazing they are. This installment, from Next Action Media, the Taiwanese folks who like to make animated videos of major stories, is no exception. The Tea Party Express is an actual train. And it kills the president.

Speaking of Christine O'Donnell, who's the primary target of the above video, these are the thirteen dumbest things she's ever said, from anti-masturbation rants to anti-Lord of the Rings rants.

Rush Limbaugh fell for a Wikipedia hoax about a Democratic judge, allegedly an avid bear-hunter and taxidermist. Which is funny. It'd be a lot funnier if it hadn't also happened to most people I know.

In a tribute to web culture (that some people might see as the decline of Western civilization as we know it), the New Oxford American Dictionary has added a bunch of internet age words to its new edition, including LMAO, BFF, unfriend, and interweb.

And finally, this is polymer porn. And it's absurd.