Moral search engines filter sinful results

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Moral search engines like SeekFind, ImHalal, and Jewogle filter sinful results.

When Google's Safe Search settings are still not strict enough for you, you could use the Islamic, the Jewish, or the Christian, which are the three top destinations for the Internet's religiously minded searchers. 

Says SeekFind's founder Shea Houdmann:

[SeekFind] is a research tool for people who are looking for biblical and theological content from an evangelical Christian perspective. … [SeekFinds works by] only indexing websites that are Biblically based, theologically sound, and in agreement with our statement of faith. That way, you can have confidence that you will find content which will be God-honoring and spiritually encouraging

When the word "Islam" was searched on its site, the top two results are an explanation of the religion by Texas-based Probe Ministries and an article titled "A Post 9/11 Look at Islam." Google's top results for the same search produced links to the ancient religion's Wikipedia page, a Guardian article regarding Park51, and page from a Canadian site called



So what might a future of moralistically censored search results look like? We made some guesses:

  • No such thing as Kim Kardashian.
  • Interfaith harmony becomes science fiction.
  • Anti-masturbation Christine O'Donnell [that's her full name, right?] elected president of the world.
  • Nerve becomes a relic only to be seen in the Smithsonian. 
  • Print industry revived.