Inception videogame on the way from director Christopher Nolan

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Inception director Christopher Nolan has been developing a videogame based on the blockbuster, in part to make a home for the ideas hatched over the film's decade of development that he didn't manage to squeeze into the finished project. The game will explore "the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can't fit into a feature," says Nolan. Inception was a huge hit, and far be it from me to cast stones, but I found Nolan's approach to dreams hilariously literal-minded — with its endless rules and ticking-clock precision, it was kind of like an accountant had gotten his hands on some Freud — so I'm guessing this game will play like good ol' Nintendo 64 GoldenEye, but with more nested options menus. (Naysaying complete.)