Links: Stephen Colbert to testify in Congress over immigration bill, really

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Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is going to testify as part of a congressional hearing this Friday in Washington D.C. He will be speaking in front of a House Judiciary Committee subcommittee. The bill would allow Americans to return to work in the fields if they really think that good jobs are being lost to immigrants. All reports seem to suggest that this is actually real.

Martha Stewart got drunk and began to use her favorite micro-blogging site. The goddess of domestic tranquility drunk-tweeting? Just as hilarious as it sounds.

Someone put together a clip of Julianne Moore crying. It turns out, she is quite a prodigious weeper, in every movie ever. But, I guess that's how you win all those Oscars.

Our film critic joked that the only way to make the movie Buried exciting would be to watch it in a coffin. These guys actually did that. No word on whether that made it pleasant.

And finally, a great new tumblr: Crap at my Parents' House, a photo blog dedicated to the weird and dirty knick-knacks we sometimes find at Mom and Dad's.