Teen girl wins $33K lawsuit against principal who saw her nude photos

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Teenage girl on bed cell phone

A 17-year-old girl in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania should not have been texting in her high school classroom, as she admitted in court. But should she have been subjected to a humiliating series of events that ended with her nude photos passed around and other details of her personal life leaked to teachers and other administrators? Absolutely not, said the court, and awarded her a $33,000 payout.

Things got messy when the principal of the school decided to go through her private text messages, emails and photos. In the photo gallery he found pictures of her naked and of course American being the land of prudes he contacted law enforcement and issued N.N. [the girl's covert name] a 3 day suspension.

The images were not sent to anyone, they were just captured for later viewing by both N.N. and her boyfriend. Anyone who has ever had experience with photography as a form of foreplay knows that just using the camera with your partner is erotic. [ACLU and IntoMobile]

The war on sexting, which we've been covering for centuries, continues.

On a side note: what's going on with this photo? Is that just bad Photoshopping on the legs there?