Courtney Love to scribe a “New Yorker” short story

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Take Courtney Love's writerly aspirations with a grain of salt. She told New York magazine that she's looking to get published (along with a bunch of other too-personal career confessions, possibly while drinking).

She declared that she's the "Tolstoy of text," because she doesn't abbreviate, to the chagrin of her contacts, Love says. Her portfolio also includes epic poems ("I'm a lyricist, and I do Homeric lyrics, like 60 or 80 pages sometimes"), Hole lyrics, and as-of-yet unsubmitted New Yorker fiction. "It's time for me to go more public….I have to get it together and finish this damn story that The New Yorker, by the way, does not know is coming. They may reject me, I don’t know. But I’m aiming for that. And I want to be published. It’s time — I’m 46."

Love definitely has all the torment and excessive naval-gazing of your typical writer. All she has to do is tone it down. Like, way way down.