Links: Mel Gibson met with Matthew Weiner about Mad Men role

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Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson met with Mad Men-producer Matt Weiner to discuss an appearance in the show's fifth season. Because that's the best way to shake off your reputation as a guy whose views of women haven't evolved since the 1960s.

Speaking of which, here's the fun infographic of the day: The Six Degrees of Mad Men. We're all connected.

Like all things, sometimes branding goes too far. This is a list of the fourteen worst character-branded products ever. Four words: Spongebob Musical Rectal Thermometer.

This may change the way you look at every trash can in every city around the world. In the words of The Daily What, "Is this a man throwing away the trash, or a sad juggler giving up his dream?"

And finally, Jon Stewart went back on Fox News to talk with Bill O'Reilly. It might not have been the most epic-quote-filled appearance ever, but it's always fun: