Watch: Aretha Franklin brings the crazy to live PBS broadcast

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Aretha Franklin Blues Brothers

Two weeks ago, when the MTV Video Music Awards were airing, PBS was a few dials away, raising money as usual. That night, they attempted to draw in fans of older music by having Aretha Franklin live on air, introducing old R&B and soul clips, talking about music. Even without the video re-edit seen below, the results were reportedly disastrous.

Some viewers referred to her as "drunk," some referred to her as "crazy." While she may have just been a bit eccentric, her behavior certainly made for a perfect viral video, which we finally have today.

Maybe I'm more susceptible to this kind of mockery because Aretha has been on my shitlist for years. She cancelled as the headliner of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival two years in a row, then cancelled both of her free shows in Brooklyn this past summer, rescheduling none of them. It seems this is the closest I'll ever get to seeing her live… and that's a damned shame.