French politician accidentally says “fellatio” during live TV interview

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Rachida Dati

It may not be the biggest or most memorable slip-up in the history of slip-ups, but a flub by conservative politician Rachida Dati is amusing for one big reason: it's in a foreign language.

Viral blooper videos like the "Keep fuckin' that chicken" slip-up and the comment about Tiger Woods and his "bulging dick" (see below) are all from British or American television programs. This one takes place in Paris, where Dati is a former French justice minister and MP. (Dati, you may recall, has been dubbed “Rachida Barbie” in the press because her opponents see her as something of a social climber. She was also widely protested after promoting her early, unpopular measures as Minister of Justice.)

Dati, who is also mayor of Paris's seventh arrondissement, was attacking foreign investment firms who "only want one thing: profit" when she made the slip.

"Some demand profitability of 20 to 25 per cent even when there is hardly any fellation," she continued.

The website Le Post put the video online, where it attracted more than 50,000 views in two hours. [RFI]

Indeed, it is outrageous that hookers would demand payment without providing any oral.