Links: Bill Maher continues mocking Christine O’Donnell, this time with anti-evolution clip

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Christine O'Donnell on the Bill Maher Show

This guy is launching a weather balloon filled with one-hundred, SD-card-equipped paper planes that will take messages made across the globe to eventually set a record for the furthest paper plane flight.

New site "She's Hot, But" is making some waves, mostly for being the sort of juvenile bullshit that gives the internet a bad name.

James Franco in a new clip as Allen Ginsberg is actually not terrible. Plus, he's reading Howl, which is always fun to hear again.

A Polish Neo-Nazi couple just found out they're Jewish. Now, of course, they've changed their tune, and are part of a local, Orthodox synagogue.

As die-hard fans probably knew. Some of your favorite characters on The Simpsons turn out to be based on real people. These are their real life inspirations.

And finally, Bill Maher is continuing his promise to embarrass Christine O'Donnell every week she refuses to come on his show. This week, with a clip where she disavows evolution (and her own intelligence).