Links: Internet censorship bill supported by both Republicans and Democrats

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Introduced in the Senate only a week ago, COICA (Countering Online Infringement and Counterfeiting Act) has the potential to vastly impact the amount of broadband that American's are able to access. The government has finally realized that no one actually reads books and has now set their sites on censoring the internet.

The new Twitter is widely available to preview today. Unsurprisingly, everyone seems to hate it.

Ever find it difficult to walk after a night of "gentle lovemaking"? Yeah, me too. This piece breaks down the stats on coital injuries and the likelihood that your alarm clock will become a love-making casualty, again.

I've always known that people with tattoos can be especially annoying. I didn't realize how annoying they could be while getting tattooed.

While competing on what appears to be "Junior High Jeopardy," this kid nervously confuses Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman. He then spastically whispers, "Fuck!" audibly into his microphone. Honestly, if I'd messed that up, I might have done the same.