Ben Stiller’s parents try out the internet, argue about “Jersey Shore”

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Anna Meara Jerry Stiller

Ben Stiller's parents Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller have a new comedy show — and it's on the WWW. Yahoo! Video has signed the pair up for a series of episodes under the title "Stiller & Meara," the same name they used for their high-profile run on TV in the 1970s.

A bit of pop culture history: in its early days, Saturday Night Live used to reserve the last five minutes of its airtime for a short skit or film by Stiller and Meara, which made them incredibly popular. Then SNL stopped showing them (or the duo stopped wanting to do the bits) and they haven't really been on TV since, with the exception of a few episodes of The King of Queens.

These two have been around so long, they were in Second City before it was even called Second City. While this may not be the funniest video ever made, it's incredibly charming — and will make for endless "are they acting or have they just been married for too long?" debates.

Thanks to former Nerve blogger Bryan Christian for the tip.