Links: Comedian Greg Giraldo dies of an overdose at age 44

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Comedian Greg Giraldo

A high school in Michigan stripped seventeen-year-old Oakley Reed of his Homecoming King title because he is transgendered. In true human and school spirit, Reed's classmates have rallied behind him with a Facebook group, "Oak is my King."

The Tea Party is selling a coloring book for kids — kids who believe government spending is way out of hand and nap time should go back to being twenty minutes long.

A trailer for the new Steven Spielberg/Michael Bay produced film, I Am Number Four, came out today. Unsurprisingly, it looks like number two.

"Lost In The World" is a song off Kanye West's new album that samples Bon Iver. It's strange to think of West sampling Bon Iver, but the odd mix of an auto-tuned choir and big drums works.   

And finally, some sad news: Comedian and Last Comic Standing judge Greg Giraldo passed away from an accidental overdose of prescription pills. He was forty-four-years old.