Home Depot doomed to host America’s next gay rights battle

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Home Depot at pride

After years of criticism from gay rights groups about its internal policies toward gay people, Home Depot has really turned itself around. The chain store has been making serious inroads with LGBT groups recently, sponsoring pride parades and making sure everyone knows they're welcome at the company's stores. But then comes news that a counter-protest group has sprung up — and they have an even stronger base of support.

Raw Story reports that the American Family Association — yep, they're still around, thumping those Bibles — gathered a whopping quarter-of-a-million signatures for a mass boycott of Home Depot. And they're not stopping there — the AFA is launching an all-out media campaign against the store, which probably can't use any more bad publicity in these trying times:

A recent article describes the 2010 Southern Maine Pride Festival in Portland, Maine, as a “gay pride festival” full of “loud, boisterous homosexual activists making their voices heard.” And right in the middle of it all the home improvement franchise is “setting up kids’ booths” and encouraging children to come and partake of the parade and its events.

That's right — "loud, boisterous homosexual activists"… as if they're forgetting their side has the psychos known as Westboro. [Engage]

Now, the AFA is referring to this as a "war" and asking Home Depot to step aside and let them trample all over our Constitutional rights… oh, and that pesky fine print about how this nation wasn't actually founded by Christians.

Said AFA president Tim Wildmon… "We've appealed to them to stay neutral in the culture wars, but they are determined to keep using their influence to push the normalization of homosexual behavior. Everyone of these pride events pushes the recognition of homosexual marriage, so The Home Depot has clearly chosen sides on that issue."

The AFA is a non-profit organization that advocates traditional family values and the reform of American culture "to reflect Biblical truth on which it was founded." [Raw Story]

Up next: adultery to be punished with death by stoning. Good times.