Jon Stewart jokes about Arianna Huffington’s bus pledge: “I hope they’re not just bus aggregators”

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On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart found himself in a sticky spot — forced to almost defend Sarah Palin, amid all the ridiculous speculation about whether or not she was booed on Dancing With the Stars. After showing a clip where one commentator used the phrase, 'Boo-Gate,' he ended by inviting everyone to attend his "Restoring Sanity" rally on October 30 in Washington, and perhaps arriving at the funniest line of the night. 

On Tuesday night, Arianna appeared on the show and offered free buses from New York to Stewart's D.C. rally. Stewart, in a friendly mockery of the Huffington Post said:

"Oh my God, Arianna Huffington just Oprah’ed the buses! Everybody gets a bus, you get a bus, darling you get a bus, everybody gets a bus. By the way, I hope that her announcement was real and not some Huffington Post thing where it’s not like actual transportation, it’s just like embedding a link to Greyhound. I hope they’re not being bus aggregators…”

The clip is hilarious to anyone who's watched Huffpo's expansion in the last year or so — but also all in good fun. In the end, we'll all probably try to go to the rally, on Arianna's busses.

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