Links: Barack Obama announces support for Jon Stewart’s D.C. rally

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Jon Stewart Barack Obama

Jon Stewart's upcoming "Restoring Sanity" rally has gotten some pretty big backers, including, Barack Obama.

What if there weren't just werewolves, but whywolves and whenwolves and whowolves? This comic, that's what. Also, Cyanide and Happiness is sometimes creepy, but often genius.

A different social network, Columbia's Campus Network, launched first, and looks better. How come we're not waiting for a blockbuster release about it?

Finally, Sally Draper is fast becoming one of the most interesting characters on TVs (still) most interesting show. And Kiernan Shipka, the little girl who plays her, sounds very sweet in this interview. Best moment: Q: Is Jon Hamm gorgeous? A: I'm ten.