Watch Sarah Silverman in “G.A.Y.S. ‘Guys Against You Serving'”

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Sarah Silverman, John Cho, and a few friends got together to make a video about Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which recently almost got repealed but then didn't. (Thanks so much, Senator John McCain, who led the filibuster! Remember when you had integrity?) As they say, they've never served in the military, but they know who they don't want to serve:

Not to be a bitch about this (which is the cue for me being a total bitch), but it would have been nice for them to do this before DADT almost got repealed but then didn't. It reminds, in fact, of that very star-studded and very well done and very well intentioned anti-Prop. 8 video: I appreciate the effort, but it could have come a bit sooner.

But otherwise: good job, you guys. And I can't say I've never known gay guys who've worn a tutu in public, so good call on that one.