Aaron Sorkin wishes the internet would stop being so mean

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Those were not Sorkin's exact words. His exact words were: "Why — on the internet– is there an immediate rush to incredibly negative judgement based on no information at all?" In an interview with New York Magazine, David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin discussed the strange, cruel habit of the internet — especially in regard to The Social Network's early reception:

Even though I don't totally agree, I enjoyed interviewer Mark Harris's answer to Sorkin's question: "Because, that's our form of foreplay?" Internet commenters don't derisively claw at movies trailers so that an expectedly shitty will look even better upon full bloom, they do it because a) it's the default mode of the internet b) being able to pick apart the bad elements shows more savvy than being excited about a thing as a whole. (Do you disagree, internet commenters? Explain why.)

We would have liked to see David Fincher say more (I think he gets in about three words, towards the end), or you always can watch his big opus that opens today in theatres.