Michigan Assistant Attorney General who started attack blog about college student steps down

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You've probably heard of Andrew Shirvell, the Assistant Attorney General from Michigan who has been harassing openly gay University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong via his hilariously ridiculous blog, Chris Armstrong Watch. While the blog's been around for months, Shirvell faced no disciplinary action.

(I guess because stalking an undergraduate and posting rants on the Internet about how he hosts gay orgies in his dorm room and has sex in churches is a perfectly acceptable and normal thing for an adult man to do in his spare time?)

Here's Shirvell trying to explain to Anderson Cooper why this is okay:

His boss, Attorney General Mike Cox, had said that while Shirvell was clearly out of line, he wasn't sure if he could do anything about it, as Shirvell was just expressing his First Amendment rights. But apparently Shirvell decided that the heat was getting to be too much, because he's decided to take a leave from his job. There's no word on when he'll return, but he will be facing a disciplinary hearing whenever he does so. Clearly, it's way past due.