Jon Stewart mocks Rick Sanchez at Comedy Central taping last night

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Rick Sanchez was fired from his CNN anchor job last week because of his nebulously anti-semitic, completely paranoid remarks about Jon Stewart and "everyone like him" on a radio show last week. Jon Stewart didn't fire back right away with a statement. He waited until Saturday during a taping of the Comedy Central autism fundraiser "Night of Too Many Stars" to bring up the controversy — without mentioning Sanchez's name and in front of hundreds of like-minded friends. (Sanchez was right! Kidding.)

Stewart, who hosted the event, asked everyone to donate as much as possible to the cause. He added, "If you went on radio and said the Jews control the media…you may want to hold on to your money."

Letterman made a surprise appearance later in the evening and joked that he was in because he was “helping Rick Sanchez clean out his office.”

You can watch all these vehemently anti-Cuban remarks on October 21st on Comedy Central.