Links: Twitter CEO Evan Williams steps down

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Former Twitter CEO Evan Williams

The CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams, has stepped down, in an announcement effective immediately. He'll be replaced by current COO Dick Costolo.

The state of Illinois has legalized voting naked! Well, they’ve really legalized voting by mail, but the point is, you could and should be naked while you leisurely fill out your ballot from the comfort of your home. Get naked for immigration reform.

Has seeing The Social Network”reignited your desire for *NSYNC-era Justin Timberlake photographs? Check out the twenty-five most embarrassing pictures of Justin Timberlake.

After personally meeting Dog the Bounty Hunter this weekend and receiving his magical blessing, I am more than upset by this news. Speedy recovery, Dog, Hawaii needs you.

Videogum continues their “search”  for the worst movie of all time. Tonight's contender: Bride Wars.

And finally, this is the viral video you need to see today. Two Kermit puppets, one homeless man, Queen.