Japan’s Miniskirt Police Department is hiring sexy cops

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Miniskirt police in Japan

Out of all that extra dough you were making until Craigslist shut down Adult Services? Move to Japan and join the Miniskirt Police, which, for better or worse, is not a bunch of people that go around and demand women more miniskirts. The miniskirt coppers started out as a joke, the subject of a hidden-camera skit in the 90's that involved hot young ladies arresting dopey gents for crimes like failing to keep up with traffic or lousy parking jobs.

Now, the Miniskirt Police are taken quite seriously, with their own rabid fans following them from porn production line to family-friendly promotional tours. And, unlike any other business out there, they're hiring:

Popular glamour model group Miniskirt Police have recruited four new members into their ranks. The existing members of the force introduced the new members at a press event in Tokyo.

One of the new recruits, 20-year-old Chika Aikawa, actually spent six months in the Kanagawa police traffic division but is more optimistic about her career prospects in the Miniskirt Police, saying, “I’m hoping to become Chief of Police some day.” [Japan Today]

Miniskirt police

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