Courtney Love quits Twitter after tweeting naked photo of herself

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That's what they all say, Courtney. But you'll be back. They always come back. Yesterday, Courtney Love tweeted a nude picture of herself. (I was going to say "to people's surprise," but honestly, that news did not surprise me at all. That is totally something she would do.) Immediately after that went out (but not immediately enough), she announced that she had meant the photo to be private, and that she was quitting Twitter:

(But — can you privately send someone a picture on Twitter? That's not a thing, right?)

This is actually the second time this year that Love has threatened to quit, so who knows. But she is being serious about it for the moment, at least, because her Twitter account has been deleted. Of course, it's easy to start up a new one and, for those who like people to hear every idle thought that passes through their mind, probably a hard habit to kick.

The photo in question is technically SFW, in that you can't see any of her business, but you probably shouldn't look at it at work. Just a warning: