That's what they all say, Courtney. But you'll be back. They always come back. Yesterday, Courtney Love tweeted a nude picture of herself. (I was going to say "to people's surprise," but honestly, that news did not surprise me at all. That is totally something she would do.) Immediately after that went out (but not immediately enough), she announced that she had meant the photo to be private, and that she was quitting Twitter:

(But — can you privately send someone a picture on Twitter? That's not a thing, right?)

This is actually the second time this year that Love has threatened to quit, so who knows. But she is being serious about it for the moment, at least, because her Twitter account has been deleted. Of course, it's easy to start up a new one and, for those who like people to hear every idle thought that passes through their mind, probably a hard habit to kick.

The photo in question is technically SFW, in that you can't see any of her business, but you probably shouldn't look at it at work. Just a warning:

Commentarium (16 Comments)

Oct 06 10 - 11:49am

She's a fat ugly mess.

Jun 11 12 - 8:54pm

I dont know how you could call her fat? maybe getting older..and yeah she has some issues..but fat. How original

Oct 06 10 - 11:51am

Was that supposed to turn someone on? Cuz if so, that's a big FAIL.

Oct 06 10 - 11:53am

Yeah, I wouldn't send my boyfriend a pic at that angle. Now if only we can get Coco off Twitter...

Oct 06 10 - 12:38pm

Her ass looks like something out of a Dali painting.

Oct 06 10 - 12:39pm

She may be a mess, but fat? Come on now. You need to stop watching movies.

Oct 06 10 - 12:52pm

I agree Hans...fat? really? ugly yes. mess for sure. bloated maybe. evil without a doubt. but she isn't fat. when was the last time you saw a fat junkie?

Apr 15 12 - 2:48pm

Artie Lange

Oct 06 10 - 1:33pm

I agree...not fat at all...but a trainwreck, DEFINITELY!!!... When she first came on the scene after Kurt's death, i couldn't understand why any photographer would waste one ounce of film on this chick. I will say I did see a pic of her recently at some premiere and she looked beautiful...but hey, anyone can if you have enough people working to make you that way. The pic above is just one of many that depict the true person-a complete mess. It's sad.

Oct 06 10 - 2:15pm

I think flubby would be a better word than fat. She is thin, but very flubby and untoned! And I can kind of see what you mean about the Dali painting comment, but I wouldn't insult my favorite artist that way... lol It is sad when a person is as big of a mess as that bitch, but she deserves to be the trash she is for killing Kirt!

Oct 06 10 - 2:44pm

Ok, we're all agreed she's a mess, I did't say she was morbidly obese, maybe the Twitter photo makes her legs look manly and out of shape, but she did used to be fat, before she had that gastric band surgery, and yeah, another great example of being a good role model for Frances Bean.

Oct 06 10 - 4:11pm
mr. man

this is why drunk tweeting/fb-ing is bad. and i would know.

Oct 06 10 - 5:35pm

Had she hired a pro and had a little airbrushing done, you guys wouldn't be such Mr. Negatives, I'm guessing.

Oct 06 10 - 7:21pm

I just hope that the picture was taken by self timer. The thought that someone had to see that in person is too horrible to contemplate.

Nov 24 10 - 11:14am

i would so fuck that pussy

Oct 14 11 - 10:43pm

If time is money you've made me a weatlhier woman.