Links: Michelle Williams cast as Marilyn Monroe, just-released photos look incredible

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Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Williams will play Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming biopic, My Week with Marilyn. The first pictures have been released, and she looks amazing. 

Remember that girl from Duke who released the "Fuck List" as a school project? It was eight whole days ago, and yet the world is still reeling. It's probably time you re-visited it.

In more depressing news, a transgendered man (still biologically female) is suing, after claims that he was placed in a male-only prison and repeatedly raped by inmates and guards. 

Did you ever want to see Mark Zuckerberg rapping his life story? If so, you're in luck: Jay Kila, as "Young Zuck," does exactly that. "I'm CEO, bitch."

And finally, Anderson Cooper is protesting the use of "so gay" in Ron Howard's upcoming, The Dilemma. And it looks like the film might get rewritten because of it.