Mother of teenage “sex addict” suing Tyra Banks for booking daughter on show without consent

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Children with histories of sexual abuse are generally directed to teachers, parents, doctors, not Tyra Banks, etc. But The Tyra Banks Show is where one fifteen-year-old girl went after seeing a solicitation for sex addicts to appear on the show in 2009. And now Beverly McClendon, the girl's mother, is suing Tyra for whisking her daughter away for the show's taping without her consent:

According to Beverly McClendon's $3-million federal lawsuit, producers reached Jewel directly and did not get parental permission before flying her out to New York, putting her up alone in a hotel and paying her to tape the segment, in which the she talked about losing her virginity at age 9, hooking up via phone chat lines, getting pregnant three times and having sex with more than 20 guys, one of them a 37-year-old when she was 13.

But it's cool because during the show, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who is a doctor, really, said the girl "is parentalized, she looks 25, she seems very competent." Thankfully, Tyra made the call to end the show this season, so we'll no longer have to watch Tyra embarrass young women in the name of fake-y, showy feminism and bolstering her own own brand name.