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Sex in the future is weird. Now we can have sex with each other over large distances. We will likely be having sex in space before the decade’s out. Sex with robots is no longer shameful. But all these wonderful advances come with a price: Hacking.

Yes, thanks Newsweek for bumming us out by reminding us that our Internet-based sex toys can get hacked. We’ve long dreamed of a day when we could have constant sex with machines without having to think, “Is some hairy Russian guy on the other side of this thing?”

“Some modern sex toys even include webcams that can be used to communicate with partners remotely. This opens up the possibility of hackers intercepting devices and secretly spy on the user…”

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In response, sex toy makers are trying their level best to keep us all calm:

“We take our customer’s private data very seriously, which is why we don’t serve any on our servers.”

Somehow this isn’t that comforting.

h/t Newsweek