This Interactive Map Shows How Often Couples Have Sex Before They Get Pregnant

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Sure, we know the statistics about teen pregnancy, the well-worn honest-to-blog plot of Juno, but do we ever stop to think about how many times a couple who really wants kids has sex before they conceive? The Ovuline Blog, the place for all things future-baby, put together a fascinating study of how many times couples are doing it while trying to make a baby in each state.  The answer is not as frequent as you might have guessed.

The results show that, on average, people have sex 6.10 days a month (that’s about once every 5 days) and that couples are having the most sex in Idaho (7 days per month, perhaps potatoes are an aphrodisiac). Overall, if you’re trying to get pregnant, the Northwest was the most happening spot to spread your legs and make new life. The least sex-friendly place in the United States? Washington D.C., which only attempts to get pregnant on average 4.62 days a month. Maybe politics just stress people out too much for propagating the species.

The data was based on 4.35 million instances (wow) of sex and tens of millions of data points from thousands of users of Ovia, a fertility tracking app — which tracks sexy things like cervical fluid, but also every time you bone. Ovuline explains that these sex numbers might be disappointingly low because the “window” of opportunity is so limited. Making babies doesn’t take that many thrusts. It’s just, when you’re trying, the thrusts have to be well timed. Women can only get pregnant five to six days out of the month. You got to make it count.

[h/t Ovuline]