The Dating Issue

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First of all, you look great. Exactly like your picture. Better, even. We're sorry we're a few minutes late — the trains, you know? Oh, who are we kidding. We were in our bathroom obsessively preening. We changed outfits six times. You have no idea how long it took us to get our hair to look this way. Why? Because today, with this special Dating Issue, Nerve launches a new section devoted entirely to the pleasures and foibles of modern dating. And if the chemistry is right, we're hoping that this could be the beginning of a long, committed relationship.

Dating, as a concept, has never been so nebulous. Does a night of TiVO'd episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm constitute a legitimate date? Can I dump him because of his facial hair? Is it cheating to wear push-up bras? Why are Gentiles cruising Jdate.com? Am I allowed to be pissed that the guy who took me bowling last Saturday blogged about it? In this issue and in the new section, Nerve will tackle these questions with such charm that, if all goes to plan, you'll be pacing your apartment tomorrow, phone in hand, wondering if calling us the day after might seem desperate. (Go ahead and call. We like you.) — Will Doig

Screening Process by Will Doig
Is a night of TV an acceptable first date?
Too Much Information by Rebecca Traister
Blogs have ruined my dating life.
One Night Only by J.L. Scott
Why some women — including me — prefer casual sex to dating.
The 50 Best Date Movies by the Nerve Editors
Going Gentile Into That Good Night by Lynn Harris
Why are non-Jews flocking to Jdate.com?
Love Machines by John Constantine and Peter Smith
The 10 best date video games.
Dealbreaker: The Push-Up Bra by Nicole Repice
The anxiety of the not-so-big reveal.
Dealbreaker: The Goatee by Alexander Maksik
And how it can lead to the end of everything.
Weird Dates: House Hunting by Duncan Birmingham
High-concept courting. This time: shopping for a pretend dream home.
Testing: Nerd-Dating Sites by John Constantine
Trekpassions.com, etc.
Date Movies by Various
Three couples gauge the arousal factor of new releases.
Crying in Restaurants With Sarah Hepola by Sarah Hepola
She's done it so many times we gave her a column.
Dating Advice From . . . Dating Coaches by Erica Schlaikjer
Better Mating Through Circuitry by Sarah Hepola
Have online personals turned us into compulsive daters who can't settle down?
Whipping Boy by Will Doig
Reviled author, blogger and Nerve Personals member Eric Schaeffer insists he's not every single woman's worst nightmare.
  Q&A: Archie Gips by Darcy Cosper
A jaded dating-show producer on Loveless in Los Angeles, his new film about a jaded dating-show producer.
On Nerve's new wiki, share your favorite pickup lines with a fine community of skeeves.
The Bad-Date Contest
Send us your stories, and win prizes.
Poll: Chemistry Test
Dealbreakers. First-date rules. How many dates before sex? Tell us the new rules of attraction.

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