Speculative Sex: The Science Fiction Issue

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Guest edited by Scott Westerfeld, author of Evolution’s
In the issue:

Caryatids by Christopher Barzak

“The Doctor says, “I don’t want a girl. I want you as a girl.” He
holds up a needle filled with green liquid — nanomites that will
rewrite my genes and reconstruct my body.”

Singularity by Kathe Koja

“You’re the one who wants to fuck a black hole.”

Double Fantasy by Cecilia Tan

The pervy publisher on how she became the mistress of erotic science

Space Cowboy: An Interview with Samuel R. Delany by Scott Westerfeld

The outrageous literary icon traces the history of sexy sci-fi.

And check out Nerve’s pu-pu platter of classic alien sex scenes!

Excerpt: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

“Arousal and orgasm are no longer necessary; they would be a symptom of
frivolity merely, like jazz garters or beauty spots.”

Excerpt: So Long and Thanks For All the Fish by Douglas Adams

“They had emerged at the top of the high-stacked cumulonimbus, and now began
lazily to drift down its contours, as Fenchurch eased Arthur in turn from
his clothes.”

Excerpt: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

“Valentine Michael Smith grokked that physical human love was not simply a
quickening of eggs.”

Excerpt: The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin

“I expect it will turn out that sexual intercourse is possible between
Gethenian double-sexed and Hainishnorm one-sexed human beings . . . “

Excerpt: Evolution’s Darling by Scott Westerfeld

“He could have used filaments so thin that they wouldn’t have triggered a
gag reflex, but he wanted her to feel it.”