The 10 Best Things We Learned from a Strip Club Manager

Sometimes, all you really need to do is ask.

By Jillian Lucas

Reddit, being Reddit, always asks the hard-hitting questions. So when the manager of a strip club decided to do an AMA, the commenters really didn't hold back with asking the questions you really don't see answered anywhere else. Here are the ten best and most informative Q&As.

1. I will preface that I make no apologies for the lack of political correctness of this question I ask....

Is there a tacit quota on how many black girls you hire? Fact is I know you need a couple of black girls in the mix for the sake of variety but you hire too much and your club will be considered "the black strip club?" Or, do you hire as many as you want and just space out their shifts so too many are not on the floor at the same time?

There is an unwritten rule that is followed. Once a club goes black you can never get it back. We play a lot of rock and techno type music and keep just a few black girls to keep this from happening. What's funny is that the black girls we have don't like it when we hire other black girls and the black guys that come in to our club are typically middle to upper class and would never step foot in a "black club."

2. What's your hours like? And how often per week etc

Officially... Tuesday - Saturday 7pm-3am but it's not uncommon for me to come in a few hours early or few hours late. I'm the GM and little extra stuff is normal. I probably put in 45-50 hours a week which is nothing compared to my last job and I make substantially more $.

3. How do you pick the girls?

They apply, and if they are good looking enough their first night is their audition. No girl is an employee, they are all independent contractors.

4. How often do you get laid on the job?

Never. I bat them away almost daily. Two days ago a very attractive dancer told me that she masturbates while thinking of me and although not easy, I turned her down. There are girls who when in trouble will grab my cock, bat their eyes, push their tongue into their cheek and say, "But I don't have to be in trouble do I?“ This is a career ender. Managers who stand the test of time do not screw their dancers. Bartenders rarely, but never a dancer. A whole slew of trouble comes from screwing a dancer, they tell everyone, you loose respect, and they expect special treatment. They no longer work for you, you work for them. Simply put, to answer your question: Never. My girl at home is way better looking then most of the girls and doesn't have any of the issues.

5. What's the weirdest request asked of a worker?

I'm not sure. Nothing comes to mind. A dancer once came to me in a panic telling me her bag of cocaine was stolen and asked if I would help her find it. I was stunned and just looked at her waiting for her brain to click in and realize who she just asked to help her find her drugs. It never did.

6. How much money does the club make? How much do the dancers make? How much do you make? Is it difficult to open up a strip club?

My club generates an income in the millions every year. Personally I take home between $68 and $73k a year depending on how well the club does. I have a few smart and focused dancers who make over $100k annually but most of my dancers don't make over $40.

The hardest part about opening a strip club is obtaining the licenses. City's only want so many liquor licenses and adult entertainment licenses out there and can prove very difficult to obtain. If there aren't any available the best you can hope for is to lease someone else's already built business but then you have someone piggy backing off of your hard work and limiting your income/potential for growth.

7. Is it true that the girls aren't paid, that the only way they make money is with the money guys throw on the stage and private dances?

In my area yes, in other areas the girls make the minimum wage a waitress would. Which is irrelevant because if if it were my club I would just turn around and charge them their hourly wage right back so it would be a wash and on top of that fine them when they were late. Dancers pay to work, it's income for the club. Think of the club and security as pimps. We provide protection and a safe place to work they provide us with a percentage of what they make.

8. How many have died in your club?

None, but some kid got shot in the parking lot a few years ago when he and his friend chased a guy all the way to his car. The guy grabbed his gun and opened fire hitting one of the kids in the gut. He grasped his belly and ran back into the club squirting globs of blood everywhere. It's all on camera and naturally we received a seizure warrant for the footage. Word of advice: Never commit a crime within 40 yards of a strip club unless you're wearing a mask and not driving your own car.

9. I know its a job, and we all gotta earn money. But in alot of cases, girls working as dancers often do have some issues with themselves/something that has happened to them in the past. Do you never feel guilty sometimes? Or wish in anyway (if you know of a dancer with a horrible background) that you could help them out?

Everyday, I keep reminding myself that it's not my fault, and if not for me they'd just work for someone else. After a few months in the industry you don't look at them the same. You see them lie, cheat, and steal and you loose some of that softness in your heart. Don't get me wrong I do have some good hearted girls that are excellent mothers and decent people these are the girl who make the most money but most dancers are sex robot junkie criminals who will rob their best friend.

10. Level with me now - Is there really no sex in the champagne room?

Very rarely, and when it does happen it's always very awkward and uncomfortable looking because they're trying to hide it and have to contort themselves in awkward position. We have cameras in the VIP and champagne room and if it's being done either my VIP security or DJ know. Some security and DJs will look the other way for a nice tip. Personally I don't go looking for trouble and would have to stumble on it but if I did see it I would stop it immediately. Usually the girls just meet guys after work and are paid to hang out. They are just using the club as a way to get new clients. The majority of my girls do not take part in this and the ones who do I am typically aware of but at the same time don't care.


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