How to Make Love Like Kenny Powers

The sexual wisdom of Eastbound & Down's python-cocked star.

HBO's Eastbound & Down returns for its second season this Sunday, September 26th. (You can watch a trailer here.) In tribute, we've assembled this montage of star Kenny Powers' sexiest moments. Listen here while we fuck you up with some truth.


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Sep 20 10 - 12:29am

I know people swear by this character, but to me it's just too over the top, he's just an obnoxious a-hole with nothing redeeming about him, although I get that Danny McBride's charisma does work on some level. I wish he was less of a caricature, that's all. But I know people do love it because he is a caricature. I just happen to find Will Ferrell's and Steve Carell's brand of cluelessness, for example, funnier.

Sep 20 10 - 9:09am

Some people like the Stones... others like the Beatles...however Steve Carell is the Monkees.

Sep 20 10 - 9:45am

Watch: The Foot-Fist Way or The Heartbreak Kid. Danny McBride is priceless.

Sep 20 10 - 10:10am
historical accuracy

Interesting--I actually find Ferrell way more over the top (especially in Eastbound & Down itself, actually). Kenny Powers is definitely an obnoxious asshole, but he also has his (hilarious) moments of vulnerability, like when he's blubbering to himself in bed, or that epic self-accusatory rant after the jet-ski incident ("Instantly I regret saying that--it's just--I'm Kenny Powers! And I'm very upset with how I'm acting right now! But I will not stop yelling, because that would mean I lost the fight!")

Sep 20 10 - 1:13pm

He's kinda funny but super fans over-hype him to the point of annoying. He says outrageous shit and allows east coast intellectuals to laugh at rednecks dumbness. If he was black this wouldn't be allowed or funny.

Sep 20 10 - 1:44pm

I did see The Foot-Fist Way, I thought in retrospect that Kenny Powers is an extension of the Foot-Fist character, except in the realm of baseball. I do agree Steve Carell is the Monkees, he's kind of vanilla. I also agree that Ferrell can be insanely over the top, which I love. I can just look at Ferrell and laugh, whereas with McBride as Powers, it annoys me sometimes, like, stop playing this d-bag, we get it already, while Ferrell seems like he's somehow possessed when he plays certain characters, like the cheerleader, or Bob Goulet, or the crazy doctor. It's just a personal comedic preference. Also, i've only seen two episodes of East Bound, so i'll definitely give it another shot, maybe succumb to a reappraisal. Mr. Show will always be the apogee for me, can't wait for that new David Cross show.

Sep 20 10 - 5:28pm

I agree with bearman, he's got the right take. Kenny Powers just gets a little too one-note. McBride played a similar character in that one movie where he was a drug dealer, with Seth Rogen, you know the one.

Sep 20 10 - 8:23pm

One note? Did you clowns stop watching halfway through the series? It's only 6 episodes and you sound stupid calling him one-dimensional after what he did in the last episode. If the show never got a 2nd season, that would've been such a dark end to a ridiculous character.

Sep 21 10 - 11:24am

If Steve Carell is the Monkeys then Kenny Powers is the Justin Beiber.

Sep 21 10 - 1:45pm

Is it The Justin Bieber now, like The Ohio State?

Sep 21 10 - 2:14pm

Btw, at Bieber's age now, David Cassidy had slept with more girls than Lemmy, while Bieber just runs away from tween girls and then admires his hair in his trailer.

Sep 21 10 - 3:35pm

Danny McBride owes Ricky from Canada's Trailer Park Boys a case of Molson for stealing an entire character.

Sep 21 10 - 5:06pm

Kenny Powers is awesome and while there are definite similarities between he and Ricky, McBride nails it. I'm surprised that the postings are more negative as I think Eastbound and Down is amazing. Can't wait until Sunday!

Sep 21 10 - 7:50pm

Did anyone see Boardwalk Empire yet? How is that?

Sep 22 10 - 2:30pm

Guess who's on the cover of the new Sporting News?

Sep 23 10 - 11:42pm

and for that bearman is why your an idiot. danny mcbride is a genius and will farrel and especially steve carrel can go jump off a cliff with their cocks tied together.

Sep 24 10 - 12:11am

well kenny powers is an american hero and its tv show so stop being such assholes when critizing this because its a comedy its not real life..come to grips with reality

Sep 24 10 - 1:33am
le douche

Bearman 33, shut the FUCK up. Die you piece of shit.

Sep 24 10 - 8:23am
Nicholas Corto

everyone in this conversation debate deserves a round of applause. Your all the "The Justin Beiber" comparison to ohio st too...

Sep 24 10 - 11:02am

bearmanisdumb, I respect your right to have an opinion, even one that is denigrating towards me, but you misspelled both "Ferrell" and "Carell" in the same post, when they were spelled out correctly in previous posts. If you want me to take you serious in future posts, low opinion of me or not, I need you to step up your orthographical game kiddo.

Sep 24 10 - 11:06am

Thanks Nicholas Corto, a voice of reason. If le douche was engaging in a meta play on the Powers sensibility, I applaud that. But judging by his username, I doubt it.

Sep 24 10 - 6:12pm

I have never watched the show and I am not a big fan of Mr Mcbride's (nor Mr. Ferrell's, as it goes). That said, I will watch it just to spite the ridiculous haters.

Sep 24 10 - 10:44pm

touche, and your a faggot.

Nov 11 10 - 5:40am

Quetico : "Danny McBride owes Ricky from Canada's Trailer Park Boys a case of Molson for stealing an entire character."

No he doesn't you dumb bastard. I take it you've never heard of former Major League Baseball Pitcher John Rocker? John Rocker was the real life version of Kenny Powers when he was in the Major Leagues. Rocker is clearly the inspiration behind Kenny.

Jun 21 11 - 8:40am

i honestly hope danny mcbride isnt anything like kenny powers in real life, if i knew somebody like powers in real life id smack them in the chops