These Are the Episodes You Should Skip While Binge Watching Your Favorite Series

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Binge watching is the latest television phenomenon thanks to resources like Netflix and Hulu Plus, where viewers can enjoy episode after episode of their favorite shows. Both mega-companies have even created original programming, like Netflix’s House of Cards and the wildly popular Orange is the New Black, that are released to audiences one full season at time. But even the most popular of shows have off episodes. Like the time Girls‘ Hannah spent an entire episode in a one day relationship with a doctor who didn’t want her to leave his house. Or the forever perplexing finale episode Seinfeld. So a Tumblr by the name of Skippable is hoping to help you bypass a series’ worst or least necessary episodes and get you through that binge watch as quick as possible.

The blog currently only features around a dozen shows and its creators encourage TV gurus to submit their own Skippable guide for their favorite shows. The format lists a general consensus of the author’s feelings towards the show as a whole, followed by the total number of episodes skipped. If you choose to take a deep dive into the series, you can review an episode-by-episode guide featuring the plot and general logic as to why you can graze over the lackluster episodes. With Breaking Bad’s Skippable entry, the author can only name three episodes worth skipping, out of the series’ 62 episode count. Most are filled with subplots not building into the show’s narrative between Walt and Jesse’s relationship. Other times, Skippable feels really subjective. Like Doctor Who‘s 5th-7th seasons, headed by Steven Moffat, which the blog feels you can skip most of (38 out of 44) episodes to be exact.

Skippable only has around 20 entries so far, mostly around cult-followed programming like Twin Peaks and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While the site expands its repertoire, pick a new show to binge watch and use the skipping service to slide right over the not-worth-your-time episodes. Here’s a look at some of our favorite shows on Skippable.

Here’s 10 out of 60 episodes you should skip on The Wire.

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Here’s 16 our of 97 episodes you should skip on Community.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.29.26 PM

Here’s the 16 out of 112 episodes you should skip on Parks and Recreation.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.31.36 PM

Here’s the 3 out of 62 episodes you should skip on Breaking Bad.

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