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Tired of the family yet? Grandpa’s drooling on the couch. Mom’s burning the pie. Dad’s already on his fifth cocktail of the morning. Your weird uncle won’t stop talking about immigration. It’s Thanksgiving so you have to hang with your family, but why not enjoy these Nerve classics between bites of turkey?

1 – Hosting Your Own Hedonistic Thanksgiving


Need some great advice on throwing the perfect debaucherous holiday party? We’ve got you covered. A step-by-step guide to making things a little wilder this year.

2 – How to Introduce Your Boyfriend to Your Large Catholic Family All at Once

headerflat There inevitably comes the time when you have to introduce your significant other to your weird family. Meaghan O’Connell tells the story of how she navigated the treacherous waters of introducing her boyfriend the whole family — all at once. Complete with illustrations.

3 – The Year I Tried To Give My Family The Perfect Thanksgiving

An An American family having Thanksgiving dinner in 1962

Sometimes you try for the perfect dinner and Murphy’s Law takes over. Here’s a wonderful story of hospitality failure.

4 – Five TV Families to Avoid on Thanksgiving


Dinner’s over. Sit back, relax and turn on the tube. But before you do read this story of the TV families you should avoid.

5 – 15 Stories: Meeting the Parents


It’s time to meet the parents. Sometimes there’s no choice but to go all in and introduce your lover to everyone all at once (see number 2 on this list). We’ve all got a story. Here’s 15 to make Turkey Day go by a little faster.