Commentarium (7 Comments)

Dec 02 10 - 2:19am

"I'm definitely not religious, but finding a Jewish girl is important". I've heard that one countless times. "Nothing against bigger girls at all, just not what I'm looking for." Yeah, I'm sure bigger girls would take no offense. "Also, please be normal." Yawn… NEXT!

Dec 02 10 - 1:24pm

some of these past "best of craigslist" posts haven't been that funny, but these were all pretty awesome.

Dec 02 10 - 10:18pm

" the front of the line."

I think I just found myself a new catch phrase.

Dec 03 10 - 10:04am

In the history of Craigslist, has "I need to eat pussy!" ever resulted in a hookup?

Dec 03 10 - 8:02pm

Wow, some of these adds are the lamest screeds I have ever written. Tell me, does "I'm horny, broke and lazy and I need a BJ " ever work? Didn't think so.

Dec 07 10 - 12:11am

I think # 8 is my fave, "Should not be afraid of Jewish things, like Hanukkah Candles." Hilarious!

Dec 12 10 - 5:18am

Why would anyone fear Hanukkah candles?