Commentarium (23 Comments)

Jan 27 11 - 10:58am

gotta love the fat dude who hates women with big bellies.

Jan 27 11 - 1:52pm

the only "trajedy" here is your idea of fun

Jan 27 11 - 3:43pm

People will always take any excuse to have sex and not work. Blackouts, snowstorms, heat wave, tsunami, you name it, and they will have sex during it.

Jan 28 11 - 10:57am

a-cake: sounds like somebody's a little resentful...haven't gotten laid in a while?

Jan 30 11 - 11:23pm

#10: what kind of New Yorker wants to leave the door open for a creepy stranger who brags about his oral skills?

Feb 01 11 - 12:01pm

These are the same sort of people who play the lottery. On some level, they know it will never happen, but they enjoy the dream.

Or perhaps they're just batshit insane.