Eight YouTube Classics That Should Be Films

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Ridley Scott's Life In A Day has nothing on Tyler Perry's Bed Intruder.

Why would anyone make a movie out of a YouTube clip? Ask Ridley Scott — this week sees the release of the Scott-produced the crowd-sourced documentary Life In A Day, featuring thousands of YouTube clips uploaded by users around the world on July 24, 2010. It got us wondering what other YouTube clips might make great movies… which is to say, it's a fascinating experiment that we're choosing to celebrate via high-concept silliness. Sorry.


1. Tyler Perry's Madea and the Bed Intruder

When some idiot from the projects attempts to rape a young Huntsville woman (Raven Symone), her brother (Wyatt Cenac) sets out to find the culprit. Only this time, he's helped by an aging, righteous transvestite.


2. Double Rainbow: All The Way

Seth Rogen stars in this Judd Apatow production about a solitary hiker trapped for 127 hours in a state of rapturous confusion about the meaning of a common meteorological phenomenon.


3. David After Dentist

In the latest "dark and edgy" vision from indie auteur Darren Aronofsky, a young boy (Justin Bieber) descends into a nitrous oxide nightmare, unable to determine whether he's still in the "real world," as his sadistic father laughs.


4. Leave Britney Alone!

After bringing home numerous boyfriends in hopes of convincing his fundamentalist parents that his sexual orientation isn't merely "a phase," an effeminate teen (Chris Colfer) finally proves that he is indeed 100% irreversibly gay with his sobbing video defense of an addled, quasi-talented pop star.


5. Don't Tase Me, Bro

Robert Redford tackles social injustice once more in this tale of a young man (Shia LaBeouf) determined not to understand why his disruptive behavior is frowned upon by the local constabulary.


6. Today Is Friday, Tomorrow Is Saturday, And Sunday Comes After

In this Americanized remake of the J-horror classic Ringu, a warbling black-haired wraith spreads despair by screeching the days of the week in a mysterious internet video which appears briefly to a group of ill-fated viewers before returning to oblivion.


7. Keyboard Cat

Justin Timberlake voices the title character in the latest CGI marketing campaign from DreamWorks Animation.


8. The Evolution of Dance

With a running time of nearly four-and-a-half hours, Terrence Malick's latest masterpiece traces the entire history of movement in the universe, from the early flickers of light preceding the Big Bang to the final moments of an inspirational speaker (Sean Penn) as he ruminates on the nature of grace while dancing the mashed potato on a cold, desolate beach.