Internet Meme Hall of Fame: Craigslist Missed Connections

We met during the bomb scare.
I liked your smile...


woman looking over shoulder

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Aug 19 10 - 12:27am


Aug 19 10 - 9:47am

Aug 19 10 - 9:58am

I was walking my dog one time and looked up and saw a nude girl in an apartment window by accident. I went home, listened to The Goldberg Variations, contemplatively sipped on a glass of shiraz, then masturbated.

Aug 19 10 - 10:16am

I never want to go on a date ever again.

Aug 19 10 - 11:11am

bearman, i like your style.

Aug 19 10 - 11:23am

Wow, MoMA really needs a life lmao!

Aug 19 10 - 11:30am

Ok, just read poop guy, HE needs the life...

Aug 19 10 - 11:31am

Hilarious. I always wonder if someone writes one of these for me. I stare at people all the time: on the street, on the subway, in restaurants... But it's not because I wana bam chicka bam bam them; rather, it's because I enjoy making people feel uncomfortable. Or, I just don't know where else to look.

Aug 19 10 - 11:36am

MsHayden, I often wonder, and do, the same. LOL

Aug 19 10 - 2:17pm

I love the pooping guy. "Hey beautiful lady": priceless.

Aug 19 10 - 5:41pm

You already posted this in the past. Lame.

Aug 19 10 - 6:04pm

@sf, yes it does. If you look at the date of the story and the date of the ad, they match by days.

Aug 19 10 - 7:24pm

I call a hoax on #5, with regard to the 5/28 Nerve piece. Either that, or it's the best advertisement ever for the Whitney exhibit.

Aug 20 10 - 11:17am

wow, folks. #5 is a mock-impersonation of marina abramovic. there is no whitney exhibit.

Aug 20 10 - 3:58pm

laughing... yet scared

Aug 23 10 - 2:29pm

Has anyone in history ever gotten reconnected through a missed connection ad? Seems very unlikely and the act of writing them seems itself to be cathartic. It would be a great subject for a news story by a website devoted to such things-- hint! hint!

Aug 30 10 - 5:45pm

Hah Little 5 Points, I just got to visit that place recently.

Feb 15 11 - 10:00pm

The moma one is a performance artist. And has to be bs because I doubt she would be posting to CL.

Jul 23 11 - 11:28am

No quseiton this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.