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Mar 03 10 - 3:31pm

The naked woman by (or in) the fountain (image #13) is the most enigmatic and almost artistic. Can't even begin to guess why she is standing there totally naked.

Mar 03 10 - 5:09pm

The couple kissing is actually kind of sweet. I'd have a few questions for the naked guy on a bike.

Mar 03 10 - 10:59pm

Aw, I lived on the Amsterdam street with the Erotic Cabins for a couple of months. Oudezijds Voorburgwal I believe? Or else very close to it. Nice memories. (Not of the cabins though, didn't visit them.)

Mar 12 10 - 1:28am

that's not me on the bicycle - i would have a helmet on

Mar 11 10 - 10:19pm

You people are pervs!... No pants man is jogging, the guy on the bike is at a nudist camp, the lady in the fountain... lives in an ashram and that's a purification prayer, the guys entering the erotic shop, just making sure their kids not there looking for cheap pirated DVDs, all just people going about their lives as usual... and on it goes...

Mar 15 10 - 8:14pm

Sorry to ruin it guys, but the naked woman by (or in) the fountain (image #13) is a ceramics statue... It's just an illusion cased by the angle of the photo. Up close, it's far less impressive.

The location is an office building in Porto, Portugal

May 03 10 - 3:35pm

most of these pictures are pretty ordinary. Thanks for wasting my time.

May 09 10 - 3:05am

What do you think?

May 26 10 - 9:10pm

What do you think?