Internet Meme Hall of Fame: Recut Movie Trailers

Taxi Driver as a rom-com, Mrs. Doubtfire as horror, and other reimagined classics.

Shining: A romantic comedy

The heartfelt tale of a failed writer (Jack) who adopts a smiling foster child, this is the recut movie trailer that started it all, way back in 2005. It’s very well-done, but in the end, no number of father-son hug clips set to Peter Gabriel songs can shake the terrifying out of this movie.


Commentarium (16 Comments)

Jun 18 10 - 12:41am

I've never seen Taxi Driver, and it's now hard for me not to imagine it as a roco.

Jun 18 10 - 1:22am
Me too

Great list. But how could you leave off '10 Things I Hate About Commandments'

Jun 18 10 - 9:51am

This is great! Mrs. Doubtfire, The Shining, and Taxi Driver are AMAZING!

Jun 18 10 - 10:33am

I think that picture of Robin Williams is terrifying

Jun 18 10 - 10:55am

Hahaha. Mrs. Doubtfire is awesome. Even her name is kind of horror-esque. One might believe it if they hadn't seen the movie.

Jun 18 10 - 6:42pm

There's also a really good one on Youtube that does "The Wicker Man" as a comedy.

Jun 18 10 - 9:18pm

Where's Scary Mary??

Jun 18 10 - 9:23pm

My favorite: If David Lynch directed Dirty Dancing.

Jun 18 10 - 10:21pm

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Jun 18 10 - 10:27pm

Love this meme! Posted about these a couple weeks ago -

Jun 19 10 - 7:08am

I actually cried I was laughing so hard at the LotR one.

Jul 08 10 - 6:17am

yup, 10 commandments was a grievous oversight. but i've never seen the free willy one before - absolutely terrifying! all in all, a good list.

Jun 21 11 - 10:42pm

anyone else get a kind of "Norman Bates" impression from the Mrs. Doubtfire one?

Jul 22 11 - 3:07am

Didn't know the forum rules aloweld such brilliant posts.

Jul 22 11 - 4:45am

You saved me a lot of haslse just now.