Internet Meme Hall of Fame: Sad Keanu and Friends

When celebrity photos meet bored people with Photoshop.
By Nerve

Once, a long time ago, Keanu Reeves sat down to eat a sandwich, feeling a little blue, when a paparazzo snapped his picture. That picture, coupled with the creative prowess of ten million Photo-shoppers, rose quickly to join the ranks of beloved memes. But Sad Keanu is just stop along a wide and variegated road of people putting celebrities in places they just don’t belong. These are eight of our favorites.

Sad Keanu

Sad Keanu at McDonald's birthday party

Sad Keanu at Yalta Conference

Sad Keanu sitting on bench with Sad Keanu

Sad Keanu sitting on horse


Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Tom Selleck and blackened salmon sandwich

Tom Selleck and hummus sandwich

Tom Selleck and waffle sandwich

Tom Selleck and knuckle sandwich

Commentarium (14 Comments)

Aug 05 10 - 9:52am

Highlight of my morning so far. Zombie McCain kissing Britney is the best one.

Aug 05 10 - 10:09am

hilarious! I can't decide which is better: McCain kissing Britney, Cage as Lennon and Yoko Ono, or West interrupting God's creation of the universe haha Well done!

Aug 05 10 - 10:23am

Sad Keanu at McDonalds! hahahahaahahahahahaha

Aug 05 10 - 12:30pm

Nick Cage as Lincoln is one of the most beautiful works for photoshopping I've ever seen.

Aug 05 10 - 1:55pm

I love Nic Cage as everyone but it worries me b/c if he sees it movies will be made. The movie will flop. TBS will buy it and air it for all eternity.

Aug 05 10 - 3:41pm

Cage as Liza is brilliant.

Aug 05 10 - 8:51pm

creeper jude!

Aug 06 10 - 1:22pm

Anything that makes fun of Kanye is awesome

Aug 08 10 - 11:03pm
Class Act

Way to attribute photos, Nerve. Was it too complicated to read the names under the pics you pulled from Reddit and Fark?

I'm sure that would have taken minutes and minutes of your precious time. Let me help.

Aug 09 10 - 4:22pm

I loved the Kanye and There Will Be Blood One

Aug 12 10 - 2:42pm

um Class Act... maybe you need to look up the definition of what a meme is.

Aug 14 10 - 2:01am
Class act


Actually no, but I appreciate the advice. All memes come from somewhere, and are at least attributable when a source is easily obtainable. Hence my offer of the likely sources. I can understand if the Nerve authors were trolling 4chan for pics, but I doubt they pulled all of these pictures from anon.

From Know Your Meme(took me 20 seconds to find):

On June 3rd, 2010, Reddit user rockon4life posted an image of Keanu Reeves looking particularly sullen while eating a sandwich on a park bench, with the phrase “I really enjoy acting…Because when I act, I’m no longer me” in a thread entitled Keanu. More sadness in comments. The thread quickly made it to Reddit’s front page, gathering over 281,000 page views.

On June 4th, the sympathy for Keanu spread to other Reddit users, resulting in the creation of other threads, usually with more derivatives of the image posted on the day prior.

Aug 17 10 - 5:04am

lol @ ft.
So pwned.

Jul 22 11 - 8:09am

pike down and make me a sandwich you burkes!