Internet Meme Halloween Costumes of 2011

Sexy honey badger don't care.

By Nerve

Have you spent the greater part of 2011 at your desk job avoiding your work, surfing the internet, and laughing at memes? Or perhaps you've been unemployed this year; you've sat at your apartment, listlessly surfing the internet, halfheartedly laughing at memes? Either way, dressing as your favorite meme this Halloween will show your friends and potential romantic partners that that you're up on the most significant memes of the past year. And if you can't bear to let Halloween pass without donning a revealing ensemble, we've once again included sexy versions of all our memes.

Photography by Tommy Kearns.

Tommy Kearns

Hipster Ariel

Required Materials:

Red wig
Bikini top
Long mermaid skirt
Hipster glasses
Dinglehopper (kitchen fork)

Everyone enjoys reminiscing about their beloved childhood cartoons. Start a drunken group rendition of "Under the Sea" and you're sure to be the most popular guy in the bar.

Commentarium (36 Comments)

Oct 21 11 - 2:50am
Dean Peters

So, the costumes for women are just the same as the costumes for men, except with "sexy" tacked on the front... The really tragic thing is that I can't even tell if this is intended ironically. :P

Oct 21 11 - 7:02am

I think it's pretty obviously a joke, Dean Peters, just like when they make fun of sex tips from Cosmo and Men's Health. I don't think "Infantilize yourself using children's stuffed animals. That's definitely sexy." should be taken seriously.

Oct 21 11 - 4:24pm
not a sexy witch

but girls infantilize themselves all the time, so it's also not a joke.

Oct 21 11 - 9:47pm

Chickens actually cross roads, it's still a joke.

Oct 22 11 - 3:06pm

Sexy R. Black is not sexy! D:

(Non-sexy) Chuck Testa is pretty hawt. XD <3

Oct 22 11 - 11:02pm

Yeah, that's not what 'infantilize' means. I think you're looking for 'objectify'.

Oct 26 11 - 5:22pm


Oct 26 11 - 5:23pm


Oct 21 11 - 9:27am
@Dean Peters

Honey Badger don't give a shit!

Oct 21 11 - 5:27pm

Not one fuck was given ever by a honey badger. but seriously, someone from nerve has been watching too much Wild Kratts.

Oct 21 11 - 10:26am

Obvs only girls can be sexy.

Oct 21 11 - 11:11am

Joke over head goes. Google the phenomenon that is sexy Halloween costumes.

Oct 22 11 - 9:54am

Sophie, society has a number of double standards - will society change, probably not anytime soon.

That said, I find the sexy halloween costumes one of the strangest (and a humorous) double standard.

Oct 21 11 - 11:16am
John O'D

Chuck (and Chick) Testa would also make a great 70's throwback (for those of us approaching 40) as they do a respectable job of pulling off a "Radar" O'Reilly from M.A.S.H., teddy bear included.

Oct 21 11 - 5:52pm

I wanna do the chuck testa costume but carry a cardboard cut out of Steve jobs

Oct 21 11 - 3:02pm

lol. Halloween is an excuse for many girls to dress slutty; love the sexy everything joke.

Oct 21 11 - 3:12pm

"What *are* you?"
"I'm a honey badger. Duh!"

Oct 21 11 - 4:23pm
not a sexy witch

Has anyone ever thought that girls dress slutty on halloween because that's the only way they know to get attention?

Oct 22 11 - 12:46am

It's because it's the only time they can without getting offended when someone calls them out on it.
"You're a slut!"
"Hell yeah I am!"

Oct 22 11 - 6:35am

Ain't nothing wrong with being a slut if one is getting their rocks off; in Halloween life and regular life. And just being a feminist (a.k.a. A Jezzie, as the troll helpfully points out LOL!) doesn't preclude one from liking to fuck, wear revealing clothes and/or high heels. Ya ass.

Oct 21 11 - 5:08pm

i wish my wife dressed slutty at halloween... or well anytime really....

Oct 21 11 - 8:24pm

Why does Chuck Test look like John Lennon?

Oct 22 11 - 11:30am

I do not remember this many people missing the joke last year. I thought it was great, especially the Nyan Cat one.

Oct 22 11 - 5:55pm

yeah, i dont like the whole sexy thing, its just a woman with the same costume and thigh high tights? Not sexy.

Oct 22 11 - 6:12pm

that's Adam Sandler!

Oct 23 11 - 12:20am

I am not up on my memes

Oct 23 11 - 11:16pm

this photo shoot looks like it took 15 minutes to do. not impressed with the effort here....

Oct 24 11 - 2:02pm

Yeah, we thought about bringing in a stylist, hair and makeup, and renting out a studio space, but then we remembered we were shooting a story about internet memes

Oct 24 11 - 2:06pm

Kelly: 1; Curmudgeon of a commenter: 0

Oct 27 11 - 12:02am
Honest Question

Why do you have an America Apparel model interning in your office?

Oct 27 11 - 4:24pm

He's not an american apparel model

Oct 27 11 - 5:33pm

I'm actually going as nyan cat, but my costume involves a rainbow tutu and a tank top painted to look like a pop tart. Clearly, I win the interwebs.

Oct 28 11 - 12:43pm

An entire party of Hipster Ariels would be the best/worst event in history. Someone make that happen, please.

Oct 28 11 - 6:37pm

I was hoping there wouldn't be a sexy Chuck Testa... some things can just never be sexy.

Oct 31 11 - 5:44pm

friday is the 6th day of the week...

Jul 20 12 - 8:26pm

Hipster Ariel= Win