5. Christopher Poole, founder of 4Chan

If power is an aphrodisiac, what is having a horde of anonymous soldier-hackers at your every control open-apple command? One word: 01101000 01101111 01110100. That’s right: hot... in binary! In fact, Poole’s loyal band of online followers managed to earn his 4Chan alter-ego a place on Time's 100’s Most Influential People List in 2009. Not bad for a guy who was known only by the code-name “Moot” until July of 2008. He's spoken everywhere from Yale to MIT (he was one of the keynotes at this year's SXSW Interactive), he's still in his early twenties, and with his sandy blondish locks and tall, lanky frame, Poole is a veritable geek Adonis — a total catch for any gorgeous geekette. 


4. Andrew Mason, founder of Groupon

Andrew Mason is, in a word, delectable. You want to eat him like a very soft pot brownie, because that’s how you feel when you read some of the amazingly bizarre and hilarious things he says: high. Very, very, very high. Mason is one of the few entrepreneurs running a company valued in the billions (that’s B, for B-whoa!) whose Facebook profile picture is him... cradling a doll. He has posed in too-short gym shorts while riding a 1970s stationary bike and eating a cookie. But if, upon gazing at his cherubic little face, you don’t want to just squeeze his bunny rabbit chipmunk cheeks like the billionaire munchkin he is, I really don’t know what’s wrong with you.


3. Soraya Darabi, ABC News tech correspondent, co-founder of Foodspotting

Who is that girl on the cover of Fast Company — the one who now talks about tech on Good Morning America? Oh, you know, just a total hottie who graduated from Georgetown, went on to basically run New York social media as the manager of digital partnerships at the New York Times — and somehow, in that time, amass a mind-bending 440,000 Twitter followers (@SorayaDarabi). Yow! Nothing gets a geek excited like half a mil on a social-media network. Damn, lady, retweet me, will you?


2. Jesse Draper, host of ValleyGirl.TV

In the khakis-as-default world of technology, Jesse Draper’s character “Valley Girl” has no trouble standing out: think Legally Blonde gets a brunette dye job, and moves to San Francisco, where she (and her entirely pink wardrobe) set up shop as a pretend Silicon Valley Barbie-in-residence. It’s impossible not to fall for the charming twenty-five-year-old UCLA theater grad, who has no trouble disarming a normally staid Palo Alto crowd with faux naivete, a spattering of “likes” (acting, my dear), and a genuine appreciation for geekery. Everyone from MC Hammer to Eric Schmidt has sat on her vaunted pink couch — but how can the rest of us get her digits?


1. Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes

Blake is that rarest of species — the earnest entrepreneur who just so happens to have a perfectly symmetrical face, perma-tan, and athletic build (from all that outdoorsy do-gooding and walking in those do-gooder shoes). It’s impossible to resist that fluffy mop of “I-probably-wash-with-Tom's-of-Maine-natural-shampoo” hair, and his impassioned speeches about discovering children in Argentina with no shoes just stoke the flames of our geek-hippie (gippie?) loving hearts. But surviving reality television (the second season of The Amazing Race) with your value system intact? Now that’s hot.

Julia Allison is an internationally syndicated social media columnist, TV personality, public speaker, founder of NonSociety.com and former Wired cover girl. Read more at SocialStudiesColumn.com, email her at SocialStudiesColumn@gmail.com, FB friend her at Facebook.com/JuliaAllison, follow breaking social media news @SocialStudies and her personal twitter @JuliaAllison.

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Commentarium (80 Comments)

Mar 22 11 - 8:11am

FTW! beautiful.

Mar 22 11 - 8:15am

Blake is the only actual "HOT" one on this list...

Mar 22 11 - 9:05am

Pretty much no amount of geek could make me want to sleep with another lawyer, or sext one.

Mar 24 11 - 1:12pm

Word. Also agree with the other Sklar comments below on her being so combative. Once a lawyer, always a lawyer. I have to laugh at Allison calling her a "power-lawyer." She didn't even have her own office back then, going in on weekends to work at her lawyer friend's desk and get whatever part-time legal jobs done. Allison sure knows how to exaggerate the hell out of people's credentials, while kissing major ass in the process. Well done, Jules.

Jun 10 11 - 4:31pm

Just came back to check for something and saw this. This may be combative but - you're an idiot. No clue where you got that random story about how I practiced law but I graduated with honors from the top law school in Canada as valedictorian and worked at two law firms, White & Case and Torys, before leaving law. Did a little temping after that (Shearman & Sterling, Sullivan & Cromwell, Skadden Arps) but that's pretty much it. Well done on those facts though.

Mar 22 11 - 10:12am

this list must have Pete Cashmore in number 1

Mar 22 11 - 11:01am

What, no Marissa Mayer?

Mar 22 11 - 12:13pm

Rachel is smoking

Mar 22 11 - 12:41pm

I LOVE Lauren Leto!! Her new company Bnter (bnter.com) is soo fun.

Mar 22 11 - 12:48pm

I would describe Blake Mycoskie's face as highly asymmetrical myself.


Mar 22 11 - 1:41pm
Julia Allison

I think you're referring to his hair, dearest.

Mar 22 11 - 6:26pm


Mar 22 11 - 12:49pm

I don't see Sklar listed anywhere on the Hashable site. Is she really a founder? Also, this photo makes her look a bit desperate. I find the hotter women on this list (Lauren and Jesse) don't find it necessary to flash any cleavage.

Mar 22 11 - 12:59pm

She's only on this list because she's good friends with Allison. If you see her in person without the hair in her face, you'll find plenty of hotter babes in the tech community to choose from.

Mar 22 11 - 1:16pm

Harsh! But maybe... true.

Mar 22 11 - 1:40pm
Julia Allison

That's totally out of line. Rachel is GORGEOUS, both in person - and in spirit.

Mar 22 11 - 2:41pm

Keep spirits out of this. Your list needs some revision. I mean, c'mon, Andrew Mason #4?

Mar 22 11 - 5:37pm
Rachel Sklar

You are correct - I am not a co-founder of Hashable; I am indeed desperate, which is why I posted a photoset of shots taken in November 2009 on my Flickr, front and center as the 16th most recent photoset on said Flickr; when you pull the hair back from my face I am hideous and grotesque, best to stay far far away; there are indeed plenty of hotter babes in the tech community, with or without their cleavage, and I am lucky to ogle them frequently for both their brains and their beauty; Andrew Mason could definitely be considered a controversial choice; looking at comments is never a good idea. But thank you Julia for the nice thing you wrote. And thank you Nikla Tamindzic for taking those pictures a year and a half ago at that Fleshbot party, where, by comparison, I was actually pretty damn demure. And speaking of demure, I am very sorry to have offended the gentle readers of Nerve - clearly you expected more from a post entitled "The Ten Sexiest Web Geeks."

Mar 22 11 - 5:56pm

Great response Rachel. While I realize you have to be humble, I can assure you that you are very sexy. I saw you at SXSW and I feel brave enough in the shroud of commenterdom that I would be one lucky guy to get a date with you.

Mar 22 11 - 6:50pm

Yes, Tracy. It's TOTALLY OUT OF LINE to comment on the appearance of a woman who's appearance is the focal point of an article about appearance! How dare you! Bully!

Mar 23 11 - 3:29pm

^well put, sara...seriously.

and nothing screams "desperate" or "defensive" like an unnecessarily long paragraph filled with run-on sentences. what a disgrace for the very notion of a sarcastic response...

Mar 24 11 - 9:29am

I agree with Darren. I would count myself privileged to be dating Rachel Sklar even though I didn't go to SXSW and remained here in NYC! ;-)

Mar 22 11 - 2:19pm

Someone explain to me how PR reps, writers, and a shoe company founder are "web geeks"? Using the internet to do business does not make one a tech professional.

Mar 22 11 - 2:47pm

It's based off SXSW Interactive, which I think demonstrates an idea of "Web professional" that's much wider than just Google programmers.

We were gonna call it "Ten Nerds Who the Digerati Totally Sweat" but that was annoying...

Mar 22 11 - 3:48pm

*eye roll* I'm surprised the author didn't put herself on the list.

When will she go away?

Mar 22 11 - 4:05pm

You mean bully! The cyber police are on their way! hahahaha.....

Mar 22 11 - 5:29pm

it's like my mother wrote this list.

Mar 22 11 - 6:27pm

Your mother sucks!

Mar 22 11 - 5:43pm

Isn't this the woman who spoke at SXSW about her body being objectified by her "bullies"? And a week later she writes a column about the "sexiest" geeks, talking about their hair, teeth, and abs?

Mar 22 11 - 5:54pm

She lacks logic. Her entire "mission" has been against anonymous online participants; then she praises 4chan. And as a fan and friend of Gary V, I find it totally offensive that she suggested at her seminar that he doesn't get "bullied" because he's a man. No, he doesn't get bullied because he isn't an ego blogger who posts endless photos of herself and violates the privacy of her mother, her boyfriends, dates, etc. He posts well-informed content.

This dame is clueless.

Mar 22 11 - 5:57pm

ooh, Julia I think you may just need to defend yourself here.

Mar 22 11 - 6:24pm

Penny, don't hold your breath. She's just go on and on about "defamation" which she clearly knows NOTHING about, and spread her own lies about how her "haters" are constantly trying to get her fired, etc. In reality, we just call her on her bullshit. Like the fact that this article is sycophantic, juvenile, and poorly written.

Mar 22 11 - 6:04pm

"They are bodacious, and I mean that in the most ironically hip of ways." What the hell does this sentence even MEAN? God, what a crap writer.

Mar 22 11 - 8:35pm

'irony' does not mean what she thinks it means.

Mar 22 11 - 6:12pm

Natalie Tran needs to be on this list.

Mar 22 11 - 6:26pm

This article lists the author as the "Founder of Nonsociety" but when I went there, I just saw a bunch of personal blogs. What gives?

Mar 23 11 - 11:57am

It's just the author's hobby. She's not the founder of a business. Nerve must have used an old bio. Julia Allison has said countless times that it is not a business, and that she is not a tech founder. She set out trying to make it as a business lady, but the business never took off. She wanted to be a reality star for so long, but that never took off either.

Mar 22 11 - 6:29pm
Rob T

Uh... #1 is a dude who makes shoes. How is he is in tech again besides owning a computer and having a twitter account.

Mar 22 11 - 6:33pm

Good point, actually. I don't really get this piece. Even nonsocial.com (author's website) is not a geeky endeavour; it's just a personal website. So sad that people don't recognise true creativity anymore. I am writing a comment on a website; am I a geek?! ;)

Mar 22 11 - 6:41pm

It's "Nonsociety" and it is INDEED just a bunch of personal tumblrs. How does that make her a "founder?"

Nerve, you should vet your writers a bit more carefully.

Mar 22 11 - 6:36pm
Samuel Heirst

I would like to nominate Mark Zuckerberg. He founded a little site called Facebook that was, indeed, represented at SXSW!

Mar 23 11 - 3:20pm

But he just looks like an uglier moot.

Mar 22 11 - 8:28pm

Can't stand Rachel Sklar and her many affectations. This will no doubt piss off the writer of the article (I read that they're personal friends) but Rachel has a bad case of horse-face and does not belong on anyone's "hottest" list. I'm sure she's good at what she does, but she is certainly not hot in the looks department.

Mar 22 11 - 10:58pm

Rachel's looks are just normal, but her personality is always so combatative.

This list smacks more of someone currying favours or paying people back for something or other. This Julia chick must be gay because all the men on this list are fug.

Mar 22 11 - 9:04pm
Two Point No

Prom 2.0. Woody Allen 2.0. Hack 2.0.

What a random mess -- must have taken all of 2.0 minutes to write.

Mar 22 11 - 10:06pm

Yeah, it's as if she didn't even take the time to proofread it.

Mar 23 11 - 12:33am
Please God, NO

"Effusive, effervescent, with a propensity towards prolific parentheticals (exclamation mark!)..." Using big words does NOT make you sound smart, Exhibit A - Julia Allison.

Mar 23 11 - 12:35am
Please God, NO

1. (of a plant, animal, or person) Producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring.
2. (of an artist, author, or composer) Producing many works.

So a parenthetical can produce many works. Got that everyone? Makes sense, right? Right?!!?!

Mar 22 11 - 9:32pm

waitafukinminit... textsfromlastnight.com is a multi-million dollar company??? How the fuck is that possible???

Mar 22 11 - 10:28pm

so she doesn't like when people comment on the internet anonymously but she is ok with moot, purveyor of all things anonymous? stick to a script, lady.

Mar 22 11 - 11:27pm

Where is iJustine???

Mar 22 11 - 11:37pm

Where the eff is Kevin Rose?

Mar 22 11 - 11:47pm

"Everyone from MC Hammer to Eric Schmidt has sat on her vaunted pink couch — but how can the rest of us get her digits?"

This sounds saucy, non?

Mar 23 11 - 12:07am
Ron B. Nick-Smith

is "mench-y" code for jewish?

Mar 23 11 - 12:55am

Where is Nixie Pixel on this list?

Mar 23 11 - 2:09am
Stephen Stills

What about Violet Blue? She ran a panel at SXSWi on sex for geeks, covering everything from how to flirt with a geek to the basics of safer con sex to the etiquette of social media.

Mar 23 11 - 8:29am
Rizz Rustbolt

I think she's 36. So she doesn't qualify for the list.

Mar 23 11 - 11:58am

Uh, Sklar is pushing 40, if not already. Age shouldn't really matter, just the sheer amount of hotness - which is sadly lacking in this list altogether.

Mar 23 11 - 11:03am
Leslye Blair

The 2 Imps from Small Girls just make you smile every time you look at them. Being yourself is the magic of these two is what make them so successful !!!!!!! Keep up with them....they keep moving and will become a house hold word. They love everybody and will make their clients business boom. Follow these 2 funny, magical powerhouses. Different is the word of their day.

Mar 25 11 - 2:47am

can you say advertisement/awkwardly worded plug...sheesh

Mar 23 11 - 11:53am

what until someone tells this author that moot isn't into girls.

#Internet research fail

Mar 23 11 - 11:53am
Jennifer Seybold

I met this guy this year @ SKSW that owns an interactive company in Dallas that is way better looking than any of the guys on this list. Kevin Ulrich at Achilles is super sexy.

Mar 23 11 - 12:46pm

I would date everyone on this this.

Mar 23 11 - 4:06pm

This 'sexy geek' concept just exasperates me. As a girly chick who works in a male-dominated geek world, I still haven't figured out whether it's better to play up the attractiveness or play it down. Obviously earning the respect and confidence of your clients and peers is the top priority, but hiding your assets under glasses and a hoodie makes very little impression at all in mass networking situations (like SXSW). What you've shown here is that there are women who can be both "hot" and respected leaders in this world, but their pictures are being judged much more superficially than the guys (and really, aside from the shoe guy, these men are only attractive because we presume they're smart). I would really love to what the 'sexy geeks' have to say about this issue.

Mar 23 11 - 4:36pm

I second Kevin Rose and wondering why Felicia Day (a true web geek) is missing. Andrew Mason? Really?

Mar 24 11 - 4:22pm

Yeah, Felicia Day not on this list shows the writer knows nothing about hot internet geeks.

Mar 23 11 - 4:44pm

Umm... what about Alice Walker Wright? I think she's hot.

Mar 24 11 - 9:36am

But she's a bully!

Mar 23 11 - 5:45pm

As a straight woman, I have to say, the ladies in this piece are much, much more fuckable than the gentlemen.

Mar 23 11 - 6:04pm

What about David Karp the inventor of Tumblr?! He's gorgeous!

Mar 24 11 - 10:31am

But he pissed of Julia Allison because he wouldn't remove the original baugher tumbler that made fun of her. I think she sent David a C&D letter.

Mar 23 11 - 11:15pm

Felicia Day isn't on here because Julia's not hip enough to have heard of her. Instead you get a couple of PR androids and some people who've kicked freebies to Ms. Allison.

Mar 23 11 - 11:41pm

"his impassioned speeches about discovering children in Argentina with no shoes just stoke the flames of our geek-hippie (gippie?) loving hearts"---oy. seriously?

i was on board till this full-on racist comment. come on.

i also noticed that with a single exception everyone here is w-h-it-e. back to the drawing board, nerve.com and @juliaallison. lazy, lazy. bring me something more representative of our workplaces.

and careful, since you're dating the son of a senator from az. we're latino out here. ;-)

Mar 23 11 - 11:45pm

Lots of angry geeks posting here, why the hostility?

Mar 24 11 - 2:06am

Moot is gay. I doubt any "geekette" will receive anything more than an awkward smile from him.

Mar 24 11 - 9:52am

Hank Green Belongs on this list...

Mar 24 11 - 2:49pm
Vinegar Bend

I happen to be a straight male (not that there's anything wrong with that) but jeez-o-Pete, the guys on this list aren't any human definition of hot and a couple are like...hideous. The women are quite lovely, some of them more than "quite."

Mar 25 11 - 9:47am
Justin A.

Who wrote this rubbish?

Apr 08 11 - 6:26am

What a load of jerks.

Apr 08 11 - 5:30pm
Julian Ass.

Just saying moot should be higher up on the list. MOOTS A GODDAM BABE! THAT BONE STRUCTURE IS DIVINE!