The Top Twenty Internet Lists of 2010

Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber, animals that don't have asses, and 18 others. In convenient list form!

John Mayer

1) The 15 Douchiest John Mayer Quotes

Nerve readers love talking about how douchey John Mayer is almost as much as they like arguing about pubic-hair styling. In other words, a lot.

Cats in Sweaters

2) 109 Cats in Sweaters

Ten cats in sweaters isn't cool. You know what's cool? One hundred cats in sweaters.

Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber

3) 25 Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber

A recent list celebrating 2010 as “The Year of the Lesbian” started with Jane Lynch’s wedding — followed by “lesbians who look like Justin Bieber.” The rise to super-stardom of a sixteen-year-old boy with lesbianic bangs seems like a weak victory for gay women. But it’s a huge coup for the list community.


4) 23 Cheerful Ditties About Murder, Death, and the Apocalypse

We’re all going to die. But as these musicians show, that’s no reason to be gloomy.

Animals That Don't Give a Fuck

5) 6 Animals That Just Don’t Give a Fuck

This list teaches us about the honey badger — probably the cutest li’l furball you’ve ever seen. Until it rips out your fucking throat.

Types of Bitches

6) The 90 Types of Bitches

This list may not be verisimilitudinous (look it up), but it’s very thorough. It takes a true mind to recognize the distinction between Buck-toothed Bitches and Cheesy-Teeth Bitches.

50 Worst States in America

7) The 50 Worst States in America

Every state has its problems. But Arizona really blows. Not even its iced tea tastes good.

Terrifying Celebrity Face Swaps

8) 7 Terrifying Celebrity Face Swaps

A “celebrity face swap” is when you take the face of one celebrity and Photoshop it onto another, creating a humorous effect. It’s not generally considered a productive way to spend an afternoon.

Pre-Gaga Meat Outfits

9) 14 Pre-Gaga Meat Outfits

Historians take note: Lady Gaga is not the true originator of raw-meat clothing, merely its popularizer. The true honor belongs to the bacon-bra people. 

Best Nude Moments in Old-School Nintendo Games

10) The 11 Best Nude Moments in Old-School Nintendo Games

If you squint, she looks like a very pixelated version of the girl from Total Recall. And you can totally see her butt.


Commentarium (9 Comments)

Dec 12 10 - 1:00pm

The prostitute list just made me sad. The John Mayer list confirmed what I knew about that douche bag for years.

Dec 13 10 - 9:42am
Name goes here

Half the population *wishes* the honey badger only went for your throat. It'll go for your balls. Not in a hilarious "football in the groin" way; in a claws of death way.

Dec 13 10 - 5:18pm

I don't really even know who John Mayer is, but that list kinda made me like him.

Dec 13 10 - 6:51pm

I hate to be that guy, but the prostitute list is from only one song. As it is a song that is comprised of area codes.

Dec 13 10 - 10:13pm

that's some fucked up list about the animals with out asses

Dec 13 10 - 11:13pm

I just prefer to look at John Mayer sometimes, and listen to his music occasionally. He's got some really great tunes. Too bad they're connected to the rest of him. So sad.

Dec 16 10 - 1:46am
proud sex worker

yeh real sex positive to give props to a meme that mocks and violates the privacy of sex workers.

Dec 27 10 - 2:12am


Mar 06 11 - 6:52am

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