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First it was the Boss, then Paypal and now porn site xHamster is protesting North Carolina’s new bathroom bill. It might seem strange for a porn site to lend its voice to a cause, but why not? Porn is mainstream these days. So much so that Playboy has begun to forgo nudity because why pay for the milk when you can get the cow for free online? The same way the great wikipedia blackout caused ignorant lawmakers to rethink an ignorant law, here’s to hoping that denying these jokers might rethink the NC bathroom bill when they get home to find their favorite porn site no longer works.

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“As reported by The Huffington Post, North Carolina visitors to the popular site were met with a black screen early Monday afternoon, which xHamster plans to replace with a petition to repeal the law, a spokesperson for the site told the Post. “We have spent the last 50 years fighting for equality for everyone and these laws are discriminatory which does not tolerate,” the spokesperson said in a statement to the Post. “Judging by the stats of what you North Carolinians watch, we feel this punishment is a severe one. We will not stand by and pump revenue into a system that promotes this type of garbage. We respect all sexualities and embrace them.”

Hit’em where it hurts, xHamster!

h/t Esquire